Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Not really, I just love Yeats.

But it’s sort of apt.

So, last Monday I made some posts catching up on my blog.  Ready to start the next phase of summer, when all kids were in their summer programs.  I redid my running schedule to accommodate things — I could do my short Tuesday run after getting Middle Child on his bus at 647 and before getting my daughter on her bus at 8am.  Then I’d move my longer Thursday run to Wednesday when all the kids were in their camps.

Tuesday morning went so well.  Got Mr. Grumps on his bus.  Ran.  Got rained on, which was actually awesome.  It’s been so hot and I would much rather run in a downpour than getting hot and dehydrated.  I came home and got my daughter, got the little one, and drove to the bus stop.  While I was waiting at the bus, my awesome husband rode by on his bike with coffee for me!  He greatly impressed me and the other moms.


I went home home and got changed (it hadn’t stopped raining and I was soaked).  I texted my husband to thank him for the coffee and said how thoughtful it was.

The text I got back was, “Hurt hand heading to shadyside hospital”

There’s very little that strikes greater fear in the heart of the wife of a cyclist than an accident.  We raced to the ER and met him and his two broken fingers.  He had surgery on Friday (he had been scheduled for Thursday but after a frustrating few hours he got bumped) and is looking at another 6 weeks or so in a cast.



I probably shouldn’t have but I took my 7 mile long run on Wednesday, the day after his accident, while my poor husband was at home alone.  I checked in every few miles but I worried the whole time.  After the surgery on Friday, I was too tired to run on Saturday, and since if I don’t do a short run on Saturday I find my long run on Sunday to be terrible… I didn’t do that either.  And then the weather turned to inferno-level of heat so I haven’t run in a week.

I’m not sure how this will affect my training… I actually had an extra week of padding because I put my event date in a week early so I should just use that week and pick up where I left off (do my short Saturday and long Sunday as I’d planned last week, this week).  I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine.

I don’t mean to sound self-centered because this sure as heck affects my husband more than me.  But it is what it is, and this blog is about yours truly so I get to write what I’m feeling :)

I’ve been getting worried on the job front as well… just thinking of getting my resume together makes me feel so unaccomplished.  I really don’t even remember what it is I used to do, or what skills I picked up, when I worked so long ago.  But I’m sure that’ll work out too.

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