screeching halt.

screeching halt.

that sound you hear is my half marathon training coming to a screeching halt.  it also sounds a lot like me saying, “ow ow ow ow” with every step.  

Not that everything hasn’t sort of derailed with my husband injured and my kids home from school or having ridiculously early summer school schedules (in order to do a training run and be home for my son’s 647 bus I had to wake up before the clock struck 5!), but now it’s truly derailed.

Last Sunday I ran 13 miles.  I felt awesome.  I didn’t run as fast as I wanted but I did the distance.  I felt so confident.

Tuesday I did a 5 mile run and some speed work.  Varied my surfaces and my knees felt a little less awesome on the incline of the trails/steps.

Thursday I had an 8 mile run scheduled.  1 slow, 6 fast, 1 slow.  I ran my 1 slow and immediately my knee was killing me.  Outside of the knee, in back.  IT band.  I decided to see if it worked itself out during the fast part.

It did not.  My fast part was less than half a mile.  I made it home though, barely.

I have a list of stretches from my trusted chiro and I am going to go over my training schedule with him on Thursday.

I don’t know if I can make my half marathon in September.

If I am able to I don’t think I can do the whole thing running.

If I am able to run the whole thing, I don’t think I can do it in 2:30.

And if I can’t do that, I don’t know if I want to do it.

I know it’s just a number and that 13 miles is 13 miles no matter how fast you run it.  And I know that 2:30 isn’t exactly breaking any world records to start with.

But that’s what I’ve been working for and what I want to do.

I won’t beat myself up about it – I won’t blame myself for not giving it all I’ve got.  I’m not irrational.  I know I’m hurt.

But I will regret not doing it the way I want to.

But there are other races this fall.  Buffalo Creek in October.  A 10 miler in November.

I may be down (although I’ve not made a decision) but I’m not out.

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