Montour Trail Here I Come

Montour Trail Here I Come

I registered for a half marathon on September 7.  It’s alleged to be a flat, boring, fast run and to expect a personal record… which shouldn’t be difficult because my first and only half was over 3 hours!  

So I’m trying to get all my training runs in… I’m on a program that is designed to get me to a 2:30 time.  Now, I don’t think I’ve been able to successfully complete both time and distance on many of these training runs so I’m not feeling super confident about that but I think that it *should be* a reasonable time for me to accomplish.

Summer seems to have exploded with the heat of 10000 suns and that makes it hard to run in the daytime.  So I’m going to be adjusting to early morning runs like I should expect to do in the summer when the kids are home from school… BOO.  I’m going out this weekend for a short run and a long run.

I’m happy to have a big goal to train for.  I like big goals even if I don’t reach them.  I always end up farther down the path than I would’ve otherwise, at least.



In other news  this week… I went on a field trip with my daughter to Carnegie Mellon University and it was just wonderful.  I am feeling better about the prospect of getting a job their or at Pitt in the fall.


We went to Family Garden Night at my daughter’s school (and my middle child’s former school).  It was fantastic.  My son took 45 a few minutes to settle in but by the end of the night he was playing with and talking to his former teachers and classmates.  It did my heart good.  Who knows, maybe by the time the little one is there in Kindergarten, he’ll come back for 2nd grade and my daughter will be in 4th.  All in the SAME SCHOOL.  Can you IMAGINE.


In adorable youngest child news, he calls “Farmer Molly” who works at the school garden, “Farmer Mommy.”  His pre-K teacher Ms Debi?  Ms Daddy.  Love this boy!

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