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Catching Up!

Catching Up!

It’s been a pretty busy three weeks or so since I’ve touched base!

I ran in the Pittsburgh Marathon’s 5k — and was able to meet in real life an online friend!  It was a great day — beautiful weather, wonderful course (we ran over the Warhol bridge which is my favorite), and a joyful spirit. Once again, Boston was on my mind and it felt good to be surrounded by other runners!  I had a great run — my GPS time was better than my chip time sooooooo let’s go with that:  3.55 miles in 35:09 for a 9:54 pace.   I then met up with my kiddos for their 1-mile run.  They love this event and it’s a lot of fun for them.  I think next year the little one will be able to join us.

kids marathon




The next day I walked down to the nearest portion of the marathon course and I really enjoyed seeing the wheelers and the elite runners.  Here’s James Kirwa running incredibly fast between miles 20-21.




After that I got down to business on two big projects: training for a half marathon in September and planning a surprise party for my husband’s 40th birthday.

He’s incredibly difficult to surprise and of course I did not succeed in that BUT it was still a really fun party!  There was a fiesta theme and it worked out great.  I was so thankful for some friends who showed up a little early to help out.  I learned a LOT about quantities and I think that next time I do this I’ll quadruple the guacamole and quarter the meat!

As far as the half marathon, I’m training for the Montour Trail half marathon in the beginning of September.  It’s supposedly a pretty, flat, boring run.  I like all those things.  Hopefully it won’t be TOO TOO boring but I think it’ll be very nice and it will be pretty nice temperature-wise due to the foliage.  Since I had a really terrific run a week or so ago with 10-minute miles for 6 miles, I decided to find a sub-2:30 half training program and that’s what I am shooting for!

My husband is gearing up to ride 150 miles on his bike to Lake Erie, raising funds for the MS Society.  He got a speedy new bike that he loves a lot, so he’ll have an awesome time in June, I’m sure!

My kids’ school years are coming to a close… and that means field trips, parties, ceremonies, and concerts.  A busy time indeed!  Since the plan is that this is my last year being a stay-at-home mom, I really want to be able to do as many of these things as I can this year.  But man, has that been keeping me busy!

And finally, we’re running around trying to pull together a short family vacation to Niagara Falls in June, after school lets out and before their summer camps start.

It’s been a busy month!